Football Betting online

For those new to betting on Soccer online, there are almost endless options for punters. The simplest and most popular markets are the match result, correct score, first goalscorer and the total goals within a game, most often over/under 2.5 goals. These markets are self explanatory, the match result being whether either side wins or the game ends a draw, first goalscorer simply being who scores first in the match, correct score is what the score will be at the end of 90 minutes and total goals which can be whether they’ll be more than a certain amount of goals, or sometimes the specific number of goals there will be in a game.

Euro 2012 football betting

Before Euro 2012 begins, the market is open for the outright winner of the competition. The pre-tournament favourites at this time, and very likely up until the tournament starts are Spain. At this moment in time there is more risk involved than usual, as teams have yet to qualify. The prices could be slightly better than when the tournament begins because of this risk. Teams like Portugal, who are second in their group and struggled to qualify for the World Cup, and Italy, who have yet to convince since a poor World Cup, could be a higher price if they qualify. Given that there are 18 months until the tournament it is hard to know the make up of groups, squads and performances.

With these markets the best place to bet is with Betfair. The difference between other bookmakers and Betfair is that you’re betting against other gamblers, people who will wager against you. And the way Betfair is set up can take out much of the risk of betting. Sure a team isn’t going to win, but not sure whether they’ll lose or draw. Lay the side to win, which is, simply put, betting something won’t happen. With this, and Betfair keeping football markets in play for the full 90 minutes, you can bet on a team to win the game, and if they take the lead you can lay off your original bet to guarantee a portion of money to your wallet.

This is also useful in the long term markets. Sure Portugal will qualify? Bet on them outright, and when they make the tournament lay off some of your stake, or even when they progress further, even to the point where you win money if they don’t lift the trophy and if they win it. Easy to pick-up, and once you do you’ll never look at gambling the same again.